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Dinosaur - Activity Box (2-6 years old)

Dinosaur - Activity Box (2-6 years old)

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  • Varied and simple material that will allow you to explore the theme of dinosaurs (see photos, colors may vary from one box to another);
  • Cardboard game aimed at developing different cognitive; affective, linguistic and/or motor skills. You will find a memory/ matching game.
  • You will also receive an accompanying guide (PDF format) to help you use the box. It will allow you to explore avenues you might not have thought of;
  • An exercise book included worth $7.99 to print at home.
  • Designed for children from 2 to 6 years old.

Our Dinosaur activity box is the ideal gift for dinosaur lovers who likes to explore! Thanks to the items it contains, the activity box encourages children aged 2 to 6 to develop their creativity by developing different scenarios of symbolic play.

Through it, children are led to discover the fascinating world of dinosaurs by putting themselves in the shoes of a paleontologist. They will be able to go in search of small bones hidden in the sand, dig in the stone with a tool to discover a dinosaur fossil, observe different details with a magnifying glass, paint a pretty wooden figurine, create a decor worthy of prehistoric times, make association games and much more.

Hours of fun await little ones with this wonderful activity box! Through all these activities, children will also be able to stimulate their fine motor skills, explore different textures, discover thematic vocabulary, let their creativity run wild and gain self-confidence.

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The material will seem simple to you, but believe us, this is what makes it rich in a context of symbolic play, giving free rein to the child to give the meaning he wants to each of the items in his box. Thus, a wooden cube will become a gift for one, while it will be a cake or even a treasure chest for another! In imaginary play, anything is possible and that's what makes it so magical!

It's easy to find all these items separately. Our goal here is to save parents time with a ready-made box of ideas and easy-to-apply tips. It's a tool for the parent. We strongly believe that far from the screens and guided by the adult, the child will learn to play, to invent scenarios, to create a universe and thus, to work on skills in the different spheres of his development. No need to search to find ideas, buy items or craft materials. Our activity box is already prepared for you! All you have to do is focus on the essentials; spend quality time with your child.


*Contains small pieces, choking hazard.

*Adult supervision is required at all times.

*This box is not a toy, but a tool for the parent with his child. 



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